When Professionalism Pays Off

04th July 2011
I hadn’t planned on participating in a local event exhibition due to the fact that I wasn’t going to be in the country. But when the manager of our photo group told me that he might not have enough photos for the exhibition, I asked my husband if he could deliver and hang photos if I put together some for the exhibition. He agreed to, so I planned it in before my trip.

The photos – 20 of them – were ready a few days before I left, and I worked up a hanging plan. My husband not only hung the photos but was in attendance during the event to answer any questions. He sent photos to me showing not only my contribution but the fact that the room was full. Several of the other participating photographer’s were also in attendance during the showing and a good time was had by all.

Wolf, always on the lookout for an opportunity for showing my work, asked the owner if there was any possibility that the photo group could show there again. The owner mentioned that there was a festival planned in a couple of weeks and that they had another photographer showing there, but there was room for more. He expressed his disappointment at the hodgepodge appearance of some of the other photos at the exhibition and said that the offer to show in the room would only be extended to me. If anyone else wanted to show their photos, they could, but in another room.

When the owners’ decision was made known to the group, only two other photographers decided to show. The manager of our group was quite angry at the decision and declined. After talking to the owner about his decision, I decided to go ahead and participate. I didn’t regret it. The three days were fun, I got to know quite a number of people and was even afforded an opportunity to hang out in the rafters behind the stage where the bands played to take some photos.

In the end, the owner respected my professionalism and I don’t doubt that, if an opportunity arises again to exhibit there, he’ll call.

Fans enjoying themselves during the afternoon band sessions.

While everyone danced to the music, one fan seemed to just enjoy listening.

One fan crowd surfs.

The band finishes the last song of their set.

As I hung up in the rafters, I noticed that someone had drawn hearts on the stage.