The story behind the photo…Metamorphose

20th February 2012
Sayn has many wonderful places to visit: among them is the Schmetterlingshaus – the butterfly house. As you enter, you’re transported into another world…a tropical one. Here various species of butterflies, small birds, turtles, lizards and even quails flourish in a native-like environment.

From March to December for an entrance fee of 7,50€, you can spend hours there roaming from room to room and photographing the different species (using a flash is not allowed, however). It’s easy to lose track of time here.

There is a large sized box mounted on the wall with a glass and screen door that houses the butterfly pupa. If you time your visit right, you can catch one or more butterflies emerging from the chrysalis right before your eyes. And, using a wide open aperture you may be able to blend out the screen, such as I did here.