The story behind the photo…The View

03rd March 2017
There are times when I see something that I would like to photograph and have to stop. I grab my photo gear and am gone before hubby has a chance to get out of his door.

One day we were going through a construction site and were stopped at the red light. I happened to look over and see this bench between two trees in a field. There was something about the scene that was so peaceful and inviting that I knew I had to shoot it.

I asked Wolf to pull over, grabbed my camera and off I went. Being late fall, the fields had been plowed under and made ready for the winter. I walked out into the field, took a few photos, then decided that I wanted to shoot a few with a different lens. Wolf offered to get it, so I waited until he returned.

He came back a few minutes later and started laughing. Not a ha-ha type of laugh but one that was really loud and startled me. When I asked him what he was laughing about (I couldn't imagine what was so funny in this wonderfully peaceful setting), he told me to "look down".

Imagine my surprise when I realized I was ankle deep in mud!

After a good laugh, I dug my feet out of the mud, changed lenses and continued to take photos.

On occasion, when we pass the bench under the trees, we have a good laugh.

And we have learned to keep boots on the car when we go out.