Photokina Day 3

18th September 2014
We got out of the house right on time this morning...finally!! This time, we did hit the traffic jams going into Köln but, thankfully, it seemed to move pretty well so we weren't delayed too long.

Since we had pretty much seen all that we wanted the first two days, we decided to do a walk through several of the halls again, then check out some of the photo exhibitions.

We visited OnOne Software's booth and talked with Andy, who filled me in on what's new with the upcoming Photo Suite 9. They had a Photokina special at a reduced price, so we made sure to visit there and buy the upgrade, which will be out the end of October (just in time for my birthday!).

We visited the hall with the paper booths and found a few that we missed the first day and left with more samples. Since foot traffic had increased significantly, we had an ice cream, admired several of the exhibitions, then headed over to the Leica hall. Their photo exhibition was based on a music theme with many photos, past and present, of musicians. One photographer in particular who is no stranger to music - Bryan Adams - had the most poignant exhibit of all. He featured the "forgotten"...the veterans of war who have been injured. Some had lost arms, some had lost legs...some both. Some were in wheelchairs, some sitting in chairs, some standing. It was a stark reminder of what the troops endure while out on the front lines; many whose life will never be the same. It was amazing how comfortable they seemed to be in front of the camera - some smoking, some smiling. My first thought was that the world leaders should see this exhibition, that maybe it would make them think twice. But I know I was just dreaming.

As we left Photokina, we noted the date for the next one: Sept. 20-25, 2016.

Day 3's goodies. Notice that Wolf's stack on the right was just a bit higher than previous days...

All three days, not including umpteen hundred bags that we brought home. I think I brought home just a bit more than Wolf did...