Photokina Day 2

17th September 2014
After getting a late start yesterday, we made sure that all the cats were accounted for: the insiders in the house and the outsiders outside. We hit the road a bit earlier than yesterday but still later than what we wanted to.

This time, we did encounter a bit more of the traffic due to the construction sites around Köln but I can imagine that it still wasn't half as bad as what it could have been. We arrived about a half hour earlier than we did yesterday and started down the halls with all of the photo accessories. Sometimes it's the little things - like lens cap holders - that are nice to have...especially for someone who's lost a lens cap previously.

One thing that I couldn't leave without was a Blackrapid CrossShot. After trying it out, I realized how much more comfortable it was than my Sun Sniper strap.

Another accessory that caught my eye is by Go Wing, a Korean company. It is a contraption that looks like someone took two converters, glued them together and put them on a strap. It allows you to carry more than one lens comfortably at a time. For me, that was a given purchase. On hot days, I don't like to wear a vest, so Wolf follows around with a second lens. It's always a juggling act for him to take the lens cap off, hand me that lens while I hand him the one I've taken off the camera. Now, I can carry both and not worry about losing caps or dropping lenses. They are called "The Lens Flipper" in the US. I don't know if this item will take off, but I've tried it and, for me, it's quite useful.

We also stopped by the Op/Tech USA to check out their wares. We talked at length with Terry, the owner and left with camera raincoats. While I have one for both of my cameras, the ones offered by Op/Tech are easier to use and quicker to put on in a sudden frog drencher.

Although I told Wolf that I certainly wouldn't be bringing home so many brochures, I'm still glad that we brought the rolling case...I don't think he believed me (I didn't believe myself either). You can guess which stack is his and which is mine.