Photokina Day 1

16th September 2014
Since my husband occasionally travels through Köln, he knew that there is road construction going on and that there would be traffic jams. Wanting to avoid them, we were up extra early and ready to leave...until he asked me where one of our cats was. Knowing that he is usually up in the attic during that time of morning, there was no afterthought...until I thought to check the back yard before we left. There he sat on a stump. Crap! So, we spent a bit of time playing cat wranglers to get him back into the house. After that was accomplished, we hit the road.

Luckily, with us being later than what we would have been, we missed the morning traffic jam and sailed right into Köln and into the normal parking lot reserved for Photokina patrons. As the shuttle bus arrived, I started getting a bit excited about the three days ahead of us.

As the saying goes, "women love sales"...I'm no different. When one of my online photo stores sent out their newsletter with a limited time offer - Photokina tickets at 15€ instead of the usual 29€ - I snapped three up. Wolf being over 65, got the "senior discount" and paid even less at 12€ per day. So we decided to attend of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - the first three days - and to hopefully avoid the crowd.

First up, Epson. The booth was as large and set up like it was the previous Photokina with a number of the same printers. One portion of the booth focused on beamers and color management. We talked to a number of people there then made our way to the Epson gallery, where they were displaying photos of their Digigraphie partners...two of my photos from my hands collection included.

After talking with the lady who organizes it, we continued on to Canon and Nikon.

Both had decided to go the ecological route and not have catalogs on least Canon didn't. You were given a card that you could take to a terminal and use it to fill in your name and address, activating the card. You then used it like a credit card and swiped on black dots at whatever camera or printer stand you were at and it would enter your information to send you the catalogs. However, I didn't see anyone doing it...many depositing their cards in the trash on the way out.

Nikon, on the other hand, gave out cards with QR codes that allowed to you instantly download their catalogs or go onto their website (

By the time we left there, more than half of the day was gone so we visited the hall where the paper companies were located and talked with several of them, picking up samples and arranging to have samples sent.

Thank goodness we had a case on rollers as it was quite full when we left.