Pet Peeves and Photography

26th April 2016
I have a few pet peeves.

One is people who act like they are in the know when they point to one of your photos and declare not everything is in focus. They don't realize - nor care - that you intended the photo that way. I speak from experience here as I have had a friend do that to me. "Alles ist nicht scharf" (Everything is not sharp), he pointed out. I told him about selective focus and that was the way I intended the photo. He merely shook his head like he didn't believe me and walked away.

But I guess I should say that this friend was also someone who didn't actually think I was taking the photos, but my husband. Go figure.

Another is people who think that they should be professional photographers since they are able to get everything in focus, or their friends tell them they should be. It takes more than takes the eye.

I tried to explain that to my husband one evening without trying to sound like a space cadet. I finally decided to just tell it to him straight. When I walk around with my camera, I look at things differently. I picture the scene in my mind as a finished photo. If I like the result, I take a photo of it and use my software to achieve the look I envisioned.

I took online classes with the New York Institute of Photography back in 2004. It taught me a lot about photography and equipment. But I hadn't developed the eye yet and continued to take photos - they were at least in focus. It wasn't until I saw the artist with his hands around his wine glass that something clicked (besides my shutter). Slowly but surely, I started to develop the eye. I bought books home and started pouring through them to see if I could see what other photographers saw.

And I experimented...a lot. Thank goodness for digital cameras which gave me the freedom to do that.

Even after all these years and many exhibitions, I find my eye ever evolving. And it's fun.