Equipment Database Site

30th April 2015
While reading an article the other day on a German site about camera theft, it mentioned a site where you could register your equipment. There are a number of sites out there but I decided to check this one out.

Lenstag ( has been around since 2013 and is free. I registered 14 of my items - from my gps to my cameras and lenses. They asked for the serial number and a photo of something showing a serial number. With most of my equipment, I sent a scan of the warranty card, but I found that sending a photo of the equipment itself showing the serial number also worked. They will check what is sent and verify your equipment. Should it be stolen, you can report it through there, along with other equipment database sites. You can also access the site through an app on your phone and download your equipment information (which I find more useful than carrying around paperwork).

Will it bring something? I don't know. Some equipment has been recovered through their service. But, having just bought all new equipment, I thought that it wouldn't hurt.

And they don't restrict you to camera equipment. They say that people have also registered their phones, laptops and other electronic equipment.

Hopefully, I'll never need to report something as stolen...