Converting a DSLR to Infrared

29th May 2012
I had thought about having one of my Fuji DSLR's converted to an infrared-only camera for a couple of years but balked at not having a back up should my main Fuji fail.

When the chance of having a Nikon D80 (with less than 100 shutter actuations) converted appeared, I didn't hesitate.

There are a number of companies on the net offering the service, but I had heard of one company in particular - Life Pixel ( - and decided to check out their website. I was pleasantly surprised! Not only is the website easy to manage but it also has a number of movies (which can be downloaded for repeated viewing) that explain (among other things) the conversion process, how to set a custom white balance, and how to manipulate your image in Photoshop.

I was sold!

They do ship anywhere overseas, but I wasn't crazy about sending my camera through the German post, so I decided to have it done while I was in Florida visiting my family. Although I ordered the rush processing, I failed to take into consideration that UPS normal shipping would take longer than what I had imagined. But, thanks to their wonderful customer service (hats off to Daniel), he made sure that the camera was returned to me while I was still in Florida. I even had a few days to try it out before returning home.

In going from different lighting conditions, setting a new white balance is a must. But, seeing as I set white balances based on shooting conditions, this isn't a problem.

My first attempts at Kloster Maulbronn turned out pretty well. I'm looking forward to attending the Epson Digigraphie partner meeting in Zingst this weekend and will be taking the camera with to do some shooting.

Church at Kloster Maulbronn

A peaceful resting place at Kloster Maulbronn

A bridge crossing to a restaurant in a park nearby