Burning Jam and Artist Hands

21st October 2015
Last weekend I participated in a one day artist gathering/art festival in Kördorf. All sorts of artists in the area – 18 in all – were at the event, titled “Burning Jam”, which featured “ART from the ROOTS - Ein Tisch - ein Künstler (One Table - One Artist)”.

While I knew several of the artists there, I enjoyed meeting many more. I was impressed at not only the breadth of the variety of artists, but also of the quality of their work.

Towards the end of the day, each artist was asked up to a microphone to introduce themselves and what they do. Naturally, with me being a foreigner, I was asked to talk about how I arrived in Germany. People are always interested how an American and an Austrian wind up married and living in Germany. I don’t mind explaining and it always ends with a few surprised looks and chuckles.

We also mentioned how I enjoy taking photos of hands. I have a growing series of photos of hands of various people, taken at work or at rest. In the last hour of the event, two exhibiting artists came to my table offering to let me photograph their hands. While being surprised, I gladly grabbed my camera and made a few shots. It really made my day that they trusted me to shoot their hands, and actually seemed excited about it.

All in all, it was a nice day filled with meeting new people, seeing friends and just having a good time.

I downloaded the photos today and am looking forward to seeing what I have.