Being on German TV

19th September 2016
Towards the end of May, my husband came home from an IT event he attended and told me about some of the people he met there, which he always does. Among others, he mentioned a man who is a manager with a television station here in Germany. They film several series based on locations in the area and on the people who live here. They wanted to film an episode with my hubby based in our area with mention of his IT company. When Wolf told him that his wife is a photographer, he said that they didn't do individuals. So, imagine my surprise when he called the house a few days later saying that they had looked at my website and wanted to film a segment of "Entdecke Rhein Lahn" with me.

When I was a child, I had an inner ear infection which left me with no hearing in one ear and limited hearing in the other. When more than one person talks at a time or when I'm in a crowded room with a lot of conversation, I can't make anything out. It can be frustrating and hard but, unfortunately nothing can be changed. So, as a result, I'm an introvert...I would rather be behind the camera than in front of it.

When Wolf talked to me about filming the episode, I tried to think of every reason not to do it. I didn't want to back out of it though and regret it later, so I decided to do it and let the chips fall where they may. I went over things in my mind and hoped that I wouldn't screw the German language up too much.

The day of filming both of our episodes came and, unfortunately, the weather was not the best...cloudy, rainy and cold. Not what we wanted but what we had expected with the way our weather has been this year. So, we put on warm clothes, our jackets and set out for the meeting place.

The three of us walked to where Wolf would be filing part of his episode. After about an hour, it was my turn. This part wasn't hard since it only consisted of me walking and acting like I was taking a few photos (which I actually did). Since I had an exhibition going on in a nearby village, we drove there where my interview took place. I admit that I wimped and, instead of doing the interview in German, I did it in English and they dubbed it. Looking back, I could kick myself for taking the "easy" way out, but hindsight is always easy.

The mayor of the village was also there and said a few words on camera, which I found rather nice. It was good publicity for the village and the possibility of other artists showing there too.

The end result of the 5:30 minute series is well done. After the filming was done, my husband looked at the editor/videographer and said that he couldn't believe that it was actually his wife talking - he thought (as I did) that my nervousness would show on camera. I was nervous but, after a while, I felt more comfortable with the camera running.

The nervousness returned the day of the TV showing so I set the recorder and watched it later. They did a wonderful job not only putting the show together but dubbing it.

I guess you could say that was my five minutes of fame.

Entecke Rhein Lahn Episode