Being Grateful

17th September 2016
It's always nice when someone purchases a photo of mine, whether it be at an exhibition, through Etsy or my website. I always like to give them a small "Thank You" by including a photo card or two featuring a photo in the same theme that they purchased. They love it and I like the way it makes me feel, which is why I do it.

Saying "Thank You" in other situations is also appreciated; whether it be to the mail person, the check out person at the grocery or the delivery person. I consider it just good manners and the way I was brought up.

Along with my own website, I also work on the website of two artist groups that I belong. I volunteered my help on one since the former webmaster had other interests and no time to update it. The other one I created and maintained for the group.

The former group appreciates what I do and expresses such to me; the latter not. In the latter case, I have done the website for six years for free even paying the expenses to run the site. But, after six years without a "Thank You" from anyone (not to mention the lack of input or interest in the site), I decided to give up the site. I offered to transfer it to anyone who wanted to take it over and do the work. One lady reluctantly volunteered to do it although she has no experience in anything web-related. At our last group meeting (which she didn't bother to attend), we tried to explain to the group leader what would be needed to transfer it all over. After a blank stare from the leader, the new webmaster was sent a list of hosting options and a basic "how-to" for the transfer, along with a two week deadline to get it done (since the URL is expiring soon).

But, imagine my surprise when a vote was taken to continue the site and even pay for it. As I left the meeting, I felt angry, disappointed and taken advantage of - all of which I wouldn't have felt had someone taken the time along the way to say "Thank You".

And, as I concentrate on my upcoming exhibitions and the websites I currently maintain, I will remember to say "Thank You"...and mean it.

Thank you for reading this and I truly hope that you enjoy my photos.