Being a Full Service Photographer

27th December 2015
The elderly voice on my voice mail talked of seeing my photos on exhibition at an area hospital as they had been in an accident and were a patient there. She talked of which one she wanted to purchase, when she would be discharged from the hospital and....could I gift wrap it?

I have never had someone request something like that but I thought, why shouldn't I? While I usually deliver the photos to the customer, since it was for a special occasion (Christmas), then I should do that for them also. I found a box that fit the framed photo perfectly and did my best to get it ready for her.

We drove to her house and delivered it as agreed. While it seems like an extra thing to have to do, it seems the right thing to do. We sat in her kitchen and talked with her for a while and, as we left and wished her a good Christmas holiday, I was glad that I did that small thing for her.

Thinking ahead, I have to see what type of wrapping paper I have and if there is anything else I should be prepared for.