A Good Deal on Photokina Tickets

21st July 2012
For those who plan on attending Photokina this year, Monochrom (http://www.monochrom.com/) has a great deal on tickets. Instead of paying 29€ for a day ticket, if you purchase the tickets through Monochrom, you only pay 14€. They will send you a voucher through the mail which you can redeem through the Photokina store and download/print your ticket. They do, however, have a limit of two tickets per purchase. But, you can return to the store and make further purchases of two tickets…no limit there (and they don’t charge shipping).

It took only a couple of days for me to receive my vouchers in the mail and ten minutes to redeem them in Photokina’s store. I’ve downloaded the tickets and printed them out – I’m good to go!

Instead of paying for a two day and a single day ticket (I plan on attending three days) for a total of 76€, I paid only 42€. Not a bad savings, I’d say!